Why I Wrote What I Wrote

Why? Well, there are several reasons.

Back when my first daughter was six months old, I was looking forward to being a stay-at-home mom, but I wanted to have an outreach beyond the walls of my home. How could I encourage others and find a way to share my faith?

I’d always had stories and ideas bouncing around in my brain. I never had a creative writing class (they were always filled up in high school,) but I did well in the fiction writing class I took in college. I was curious to see if I could transfer my wild ideas into a computer.

I enjoyed science fiction, playing with the idea of “what if?” but most of the SF stories out there were predominantly naturalistic or New Age. I chafed at the constant use of evolution to explain every aspect of life. The blatant acceptance of immoral behavior, pornographic descriptions, and persistent strong language made me put several books down, forever.

When I looked for science fiction books in the Christian book realm, I was disappointed by the dismal choices. I found a handful of good books, and several lame ones—hokey, heretical, and/or too doom and gloom. Overall, Christian publishers shy away from Science Fiction, but many Christians enjoy Science Fiction.

With all these things in mind, I set out to write a story. My goals were:

  1. To bring spiritual encouragement and refreshment to believers.
  2. To introduce non-Christians to a Christian worldview.
  3. To write something I would enjoy reading, e.g. a fun imaginative adventure with a realistic Christian worldview.
  4. To expand the tiny niche of Christian science fiction, a fertile field with possibilities for reaching into the non-Christian realm.

I wrote my story and I discovered it was a lot of fun. I kept writing more stories. After getting better, and doing a whole lot of editing, I’m still writing, but my goals haven’t changed.

It is my prayer that these books will bring you refreshment, encouragement, and comfort wherever you are in your walk.

    Julie Rollins