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I am simply using the science fiction genre to convey Christian truths and to explore certain possibilities within a solidly Christian worldview.

Science fiction is about taking the question “What if…” and running with it. The beauty of science fiction is that you can take a current moral issue, place it on another planet in an alien culture, and give people a fresh look at an issue we struggle with on our own world. In my writing, I present the simple gospel in a unique way to refresh and inspire my readers.

The Vadelah Chronicles are not about proving the existence of space aliens, anymore than fairy tales are about proving the existence of fairies.


Darena of the Ducas (book 18) now available now available as Amazon kindle ebook. Books 1-17 and Prequel (The Forging of Talahrel) also available as Amazon kindle ebooks. Amazon Prime and kindle unlimited members can read them for free because they are part of Amazon's KDP Select program (see my books for all the links).

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